Vol 124 Issue 1 2008-06-02 Article 20126 from section "OpenSolaris"

ByTim Foster, Sun Microsystems, Solaris Engneering Ops

Tim recently summarized what the OpenSolaris community has been
talking about, including:

- OpenSolaris 2008.05 released

- 10 minute install from a LiveCD boot

- OSDevCon2008 Program & Visitor Registration open (June 25-27)

- Clearview early access bits available

- Hal Power Management Support

- No Root Login PSARC discussion

- man(1m) does the right thing without MANPATH

- Putback of Hypervisor event provider for DTrace

- EasyTools for OpenSolaris - simple web-based admin tools

- Moving on from 2008.05 - nv_90

- A map of OpenSolaris User Groups around the world

- More OpenSolaris approachability: lofi mounts via mount(1m)

- OpenSolaris Automated Installer Prototype posted

- Bluetooth project alive again

- The sort of thing Crossbow can do

- Solaris Cluster Core source code available

[url "" ""]

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