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Vol 123 Issue 3 May 19 to May 25

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
Developer's Section
19952 A How-to on Creating a Java EE Appliance
19829 A Memcached System for Better Performance of Database-Backed Web
19987 A Guide for New Solaris OS and SXDE Users

20026 Environmental Defense Fund Honors Sun's Open Work Program
20002 Women Impacting Sun's Success

19942 Best Practices for Architecting a Lustre-Based Storage
20007 Sun HPC Consortium 2008, June 15-17th, Dresden Germany

19979 Project Hydrazine Puts Sun into Competition with Microsoft's
Cloud Entry
19990 Download OpenSPARC T1 and T2 Final Releases

20038 Sun IPTV Solution
20039 Sun and ShareStream

19795 Features of the Sun Fire X4140, X4240 and X4440 Servers
19971 Intel Xeon-based Sun Fire X4450 Server Sets SPECjbb2005
19973 World Record TPC-H Results with SPARC Enterprise M9000 and
StorageTek 2540
19898 Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server with AMD Opteron Quad Core Processors
19812 Sun Blade X8450 Server Module

19636 Virtualization Architecture and Implementation Services
19985 April 1st, 2009 Will End the Service Life of Solaris 8

Sun Java System
19833 Using Solaris Cluster as a High Availability Failure Solution
19813 Retirement of the Sun Java Desktop System Product Family

SysAdmin's Section
19893 Solaris Performance Primer Offers Quick Tips for Improving
19875 Prefetch Technologies Shares Its Top Ten DTrace Scripts
19906 Sun Third Party Management Integrations
19988 Improvements in ZFS Write Throttle Are On the Way

System News
19957 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

Top 10
20042 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

20037 Just Released - New Training Workshop for Web Server Version 7.0

19941 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Clients
19943 Sun Ray Clients Running Windows XP via VirtualBox