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Dave Wade wrote:
> "John Doe" wrote in message
> news:482767c9$0$10633$
>> Dave wrote:
>>> According to
>>> the Belkin F5U508 USB/Firewire card is "verified" for Solaris 10 on both
>>> SPARC and x86. So today I goes out and buys one, installs it, and it
>>> seems to at least work. But looking in /var/adm/messages I see:

> Does this mean I can use one in a U60 to get USB?

Yes, you should be able to. Not tested myself though. But I might be
tempted to go with one of the other supported cards, which does not have
this issue. Search on Blade 2000 USB and you will find someone posted a
link on to supported USB cards which fit in a PCI slot.