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Vol 123 Issue 1 May 5 to May 11

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
19964 Recent Content on BigAdmin

Free and Open Source Software
19883 NetBeans Community Releases 6.1 and Early Access for PHP
19945 Sun and Liferay Collaborating on Next-Generation Web Technologies
19809 Debunking Open Source Software Myths
19522 Open Sourced Sun SPOTS Puts Everything in Developers' Hands

19841 Looking at Some Current HPC Interconnect Issues
19914 Sun's HPC Storage Solutions

Java Technology
19933 Big Plans Set for JavaFX
19944 GlassFish Community Delivers Two New Servers, Partner Initiative
19932 2008 Duke's Choice Award Winners
19934 Blue-ray and Java Technologies Bring Music Legend Neil Young To
19946 On2 Technologies to Add Video Capabilities to JavaFX Family

19921 Sun CEO Offers Perspective on Company's Fiscal Third Quarter
19920 OpenSolaris and MySQL Support Now on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
19917 Redmonk Analyst Sees Third Quarter As Merely a Glitch for Sun
19926 Just Who Was the 500,000th Sun Certified Professional
19948 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

19919 OpenSolaris Operating System's Official Release
19927 Important New Releases Freely Available for Download

19966 Ultra- Fast Data Warehouse, Powered by Sun and ParAccel
19969 Maximizing IT resource utilization

19890 VirtualBox 1.6.0
19834 New Sun Kerberos Features in Solaris 10 OS 05/08
19879 Series of Tutorials on Lesser Known Solaris Features
19808 An Independent Review of MySQL
19592 Clearing the Air About Sun Kerberos

19892 Sun's Open Storage Does Make Sense
19537 Tape Storage in the Data Center? Nine Myths to Reconsider
19552 Open Source Gives You the Key to Your Archives Forever

Top 10
19961 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

Sun HPC News
19970 New on the HPC Community Portal