I currently have configured a new server with Sun Commsuite 5 and I am
in the process of beginning to migrate our users to this system. Our
users have previously only used an older version of Calendar. However
we are trying to migrate our various server clusters to a system that
will be much less headache to administrate.

I know that password authentication can be accomplished via the LDAP
scheme in DSEE6, as per the 'user authentication' choices in the
delegated administrator panels for each user. Unfortunately, when
looking through the various user options, I do not see anything about
specifying a home directory, or any of the more important /etc/passwd
information. My question is, is there a way to make that information
available through the LDAP server that we already have in place
through dsee6? I would much rather use this existing LDAP server to
serve all of the information that we currently have in several copies
of /etc/passwd across our server cluster.

Yes, the server cluster system that we have in place was made by
somebody with no concept of scalability.

Also, if there is a better way to do this, I am certainly open to
suggestions or comments. Also, the server clusters are all running a
linux variant, although that should not matter as the information we
need to make available is standard /etc/passwd info.

Thank you much in advance!

Damon Getsman

Linux/budding Solaris Administrator