Hi Steve,

> Take the disk out and put into another machine. Use 'dd' with noerror and
> sync options. Google for more info.

Don't have another machine with spare IDE slots unfortunately - all Sun
systems except for one PC that's got Windows on it (the 'family PC'!).

I've paid for access to Zeffie's raq4 OS restore CD image which has
Zeffie's package updates included but so far have not received info where
to download it from.

Once I get that I plan to see if I can set up a fresh install on the new
disk, and then copy over when I need from the old one.

> Hmm, i would avoid the SCSI. More hassle than its worth. You wont get it
> booting off a CD without modifying the ROM. Much easier to take the disk out
> and do the work elsewhere.

Yes I was reading something about the ROM revisions. My system has a 2.3.x
firmware rev so probably quite lame about SCSI support.


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