I've posted this question in some forums and a couple of mailing lists but
figured I'd pose it here also...

Just wondering what the best methods are for moving filesystems off a defective
(still works but giving hard errors on some sectors) 20 GB disk in a Raq4i onto
a replacement disk? I've purchased a new 80 GB disk which is installed in the
second position and currently don't have a restore CD so I'm wondering how to
get the filesystems moved over to the new disk?

The existing disk isn't reliable enough to run up the system with the httpd
running otherwise there might be a way using the GUI to set up and start moving
things to the new disk.

Since the system is running Linux, is it possible to boot the system off an OS
restore CD in single-user mode (via a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to the
external SCSI port of the Raq4i) and use a method similar to an ufsdump |
ufsrestore pipe (which I use on Sun systems running Solaris) to move over the
relevant filesystems to the new drive?

Thanks for any advice you can provide. I'm used to Solaris methods but since
the Raq is a hybrid system with IDE disks internally and SCSI externally, I
don't quite know what the best approach is to salvage the filesystems from the
old drive.



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