Vol 122 Issue 5 2008-04-28 Article 19907 from section "OpenSolaris"

ByTim Foster, Sun Microsystems, Solaris Engneering Ops.

Tim Foster recently summarized what the OpenSolaris community has
been talking about:

- 100,000 registrations on

- Nemo driver for Hydra, a shared 10 Gbit network interface

- ZFS boot

- Brussels - enhanced network driver config

- OpenSolaris release candidates roll out, comments roll in

- Belenix 0.7

- design discussion

- NICDRV Test Suite Released

- easySMF - web-based tool to build manifests

- MilaX (a small size Live CD distribution which runs completely
off a CD or a USB pendrive)

- DTrace IP provider getting closer

Details at

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