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Vol 122 Issue 4 April 21 to April 27

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
19855 New Content on BigAdmin
19805 Tutorials on Access Control and Auditing in the Solaris 10 OS
19804 How to Use Kerberos in the Authenticvation of a Solaris 10 OS
LDAP Client

Free and Open Source Software
19806 The Open-Source Road to Profitability at Sun
19748 Latest Release - Version 2.4
19844 OpenProj Now Included in European StarOffice Boxes

19832 Sun Storage and Archive Solution for HPC
19679 Sun Deploys Largest Computing Grid in United Arab Emirates
19710 Your Company Probably Relies on HPC Whether You Know It or Not

19843 Java Card Platform Specification 3.0 Released
19865 Sun News Radio on
19769 Sun Considered a Disruptive Force in the IT Industry
19767 MySQL Still Committed to Linux and LAMP
19618 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

19768 OpenSolaris Becoming Serious Competitor to Linux
19807 OpenSolaris Community Gears Up for an Exciting May 2008
19723 SDN Webcast: "OpenSolaris - A Sneek Peek"
19747 OpenSolaris Election Poll Results

19852 Solaris On Demand - SaaS Program for ISVs Launched
19800 First Carrier Grade Linux for Sun's CMT Processors Announced

19815 Details on the Solaris 10 5/08 Operating System
19783 New UI Expected with Sun xVM Server, xVM Ops Center Releases
19745 Sun Shared Visualization Software Version 1.1 - Free Download

SysAdmin's Section
19432 Questions Answered About Virtualization on Solaris Containers and
19556 Capitalizing on Stored Information Through Sound Archiving

Top 10
19867 Top Ten Articles for last Issue
19835 Sun ISV Solutions that drive Sun Systems and Storage Sales in
Financial Services Firms
19868 Enterprise Archiving and Records Management for Financial
Services Firms
19870 Risk Assessment Engine for Identity Focused Insurance Firms
19869 High Performance Excel Applications for Traders and Analysts in
Financial Services Firms
19871 Data Integration for Financial Services Firms