I have a schema 1 calendar database (running on calendar 6.0/SPARC)
that I need to move to a new machine that has just been configured for
calendar (for schema 2, I can reinstall if I need to to fix that),
running calendar 6.3/x86. Does anybody know that the least painful
way would be to try to move this database to the new server?

I already tried db_dump on ics50calprops.db, ics50journals.db,
ics50alarms.db, ics50events.db, ics50todos.db, and ics50gse.db and
then db_load to put them up on the new server. db_load isn't working
on the new server because I've got it running on CentOS instead of
'pure' RedHat Enterprise 4.

Grateful for any assistance!