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Vol 122 Issue 2 April 7 to April 13

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents

Developer's Section
19725 New Ruby Developer Resource Center
19519 Extended Persistence Context in Stateful Session Beans
19600 "Debugging a JVM Level Hang Using dbx "

19707 Startup Camp San Francisco and CommunityOne Conference
19648 Visit Second Life for a Talk with Solaris Application Programming

19719 Is Innovation Necessarily an In-house Phenomenon?
19527 France's #1 Radio Station RTL Relies on GlassFish

19764 UltraSPARC T2 Plus Processor Servers Introduced
19736 Sun Modular Datacenter S20 Wins 2008 Best of FOSE Award
19717 Sun Files Another Patent Suit Against Network Appliance (NetApp)
19757 Sun Extends Support for Java SE Platform Up to 15 Years
19616 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

19716 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server Runs the Gauntlet
19393 Sun Netra T5220 (DC Version) with UltraSPARC T2 Processor
19581 Look Twice, Maybe Three Times, at IBM's Claims for its z10
19633 New Configuration for Netra T2000 Servers
19744 New Configurations and Options for the Sun SPARC Enterprise
M4000, M5000

19750 Free Solaris Express Developer Edition DVD for x86 Platforms
19740 Solaris Cluster Now Supports More Servers
19724 Download of Solaris Cluster 3.2 2/08 Now Available

19762 New Sun StorageTek VTL Prime Offers Data Deduplication Features
19578 The Software Approach to Fixed Content Data Management
19655 White Papers on the Brocade Data Center Fabric

SysAdmin's Section
19692 Upgrading to the Solaris 10 OS Provides Triple Digit Savings
19749 Deploying MySQL on the Solaris Cluster
19673 Why Use MySQL?
19751 Free Download of "Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology"

Top 10
19781 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

19687 Sun Hot Topics Offers Information on Some of the Latest Sun
19776 Sun ISV Solutions that drive Sun Systems and Storage Sales
19777 Mobile Application Proxy Server for Enterprises & Wireless
19778 Universal VPN Gateway
19779 Datacenter Optimization
19780 IT Service Optimization