We are looking for Sun customers who visit Sun.com, Sunsolve,
BigAdmin or developers.sun.com for support issues to participate in a
Sun research study next week. Please feel free to forward this
message to others who might be interested. You must be in the US or
Canada to participate. Sun employees and contractors are not

Tuesday, April15:
These sessions will last 1 hour; participants will receive a $75
gift certificate from Hallmark Insights (redeemable at over 300
national vendors) for their feedback. The study will be conducted
remotely via web-meeting.

If you are interested, please reply and let me know:

1. Your current job/role: tell us a bit about what you do.

2. Your experience with Sun products.

3. Whether or not you have a Sun user ID (ID not required).

4. How often you visit a Sun website to research a support related

5. Your time zone and the operating system you will use during the

6. A phone number where you can be reached for scheduling.

Thank you,
Lyn Bain