I have recently installed Solaris 10 on a Sun Enterprise 3500 server
system that was sitting unused in our hardware stores here. Primarily
I had intended to use this as a machine to serve Directory Server LDAP
information, possibly Kerberos, and Sun Calendar requests. Upon
looking into the stats for this machine, however, I see that it has
four processors installed at what appears to be 400MHz apiece,
according to system POST tests. The system utilizes 8GB of memory, as

At this point what I am wondering is whether or not the requirements
for the server I have described would be better served by an x86
server, with the same amount of RAM (64-bit, obviously), that won't
have the power requirements of this piece. I know that the Sparc
processors support multiple threads per CPU; I do not know if this
will give significant improvement over the x86 architecture for the
applications I have described. The server we are currently using
supports approximately 40 Calendar and related LDAP requirement
instances; we expect this need to grow 5-10 times before we commit to
a new infrastructure.

If, indeed, the x86-64 architecture does seem to be the better
solution, what kinds of server implementations would I see better
performance from the sparc with 4 processors on?

In advance I'm sorry for my relative ignorance about this
architecture, I haven't had the chance to take any courses on Sparcs
yet; hopefully after this stabilization of the infrastructure through
our projected growth is complete I'll be able to spend a few weeks
formally learning what I need to know here.

Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated (as well as to those that
helped me get the server talking and running with Solaris 10 in the
first place)!

-Damon Getsman