Hello all,

I've inherited a problem... two Sun v440 clustered for Oraclewith a
storedge 3510. Storedge has a single volume with 6 partitions:

sccli> show partitions
LD/LV ID-Partition Size
ld0-00 35F82660-00 50.78GB
ld0-01 35F82660-01 50.78GB
ld0-02 35F82660-02 32.23GB
ld0-03 35F82660-03 31.25GB
ld0-04 35F82660-04 19.53GB
ld0-05 35F82660-05 19.78GB

Looking the active node I see:

root@windn2 # vxdisk -e list
SUN35100_0 sliced - - error c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266005d0s2
SUN35100_1 sliced - - error c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266004d0s2
SUN35100_2 sliced - - error c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266003d0s2
SUN35100_3 sliced - - error c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266002d0s2
SUN35100_4 sliced - - error c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266001d0s2
SUN35100_5 sliced winddg00 winddg online
c1t0d0s2 sliced rootdisk_2 rootdg online c1t0d0s2
c1t1d0s2 sliced rootmirror rootdg online c1t1d0s2
c1t2d0s2 sliced - - error c1t2d0s2
c1t3d0s2 sliced - - error c1t3d0s2

root@windn2 # df -k | grep winddg
/dev/vx/dsk/winddg/winddb 47949507 40283573 2870984 94% /winddb
/dev/vx/dsk/winddg/windredo 1966056 107780 1661671 7% /windredo

root@windn2 # vxdisk list winddg00
Device: SUN35100_5
devicetag: SUN35100_5
type: sliced
hostid: windn2
disk: name=winddg00 id=1100274668.1149.windn1
group: name=winddg id=1100274669.1152.windn1
flags: online ready private autoconfig noautoimport imported
pubpaths: block=/dev/vx/dmp/SUN35100_5s4 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/SUN35100_5s4
privpaths: block=/dev/vx/dmp/SUN35100_5s3 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/SUN35100_5s3
version: 2.2
iosize: min=512 (bytes) max=2048 (blocks)
public: slice=4 offset=0 len=106487808
private: slice=3 offset=1 len=1791
update: time=1200548980 seqno=0.169
headers: 0 248
configs: count=1 len=1303
logs: count=1 len=197
Defined regions:
config priv 000017-000247[000231]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
config priv 000249-001320[001072]: copy=01 offset=000231 enabled
log priv 001321-001517[000197]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
Multipathing information:
numpaths: 1
c5t600C0FF0000000000825E535F8266000d0s2 state=enabled

Problem is that 've to expand the /dev/vx/dsk/winddg/winddb till at
least 100gb.
Then mount another partition of 25 gb ... but looking at the whole
system seems that only one partition is used and total amonut does not
correspond to sum of two volumes

Any hint?