I am attempting to get Sun's Commsuite 5 working on a CentOS4 server,
primarily for usage of the Calendar system within a geographical realm
of the WAN that I am assisting administration on. This is my first
time actually working with a Sun product of this scale, so if I have
omitted any information that is necessary for assistance or used
terminology incorrect for the product I do apologize and would
appreciate any pointing out of such.

So far within this network setting I have installed kerberos and ldap;
my primary reason for this was the fact that I had been led to believe
that Calendar, and thus the Commsuite app. as a whole, required these
services for operation. It appears that I was incorrect, at least in

Now that I have LDAP running on a server other than the one I planned
to use for Calendar (openldap running on a ubuntu server), I have
finally gotten to the point where I am ready to run the
'comm_dssetup.pl' script before starting on the actual calendar setup
scripts. I noticed immediately that it would not connect to my ldap
server with any sane settings in the initial dialog box. After this,
much digging through online documentation finally brought me to the
fact that the 'comm_dssetup.pl' script needs to be run on the machine
currently serving the directory, as it needs to access the 'server-

Here is where I have a problem. First of all, I don't know that
dragging the /opt/sun/comms/dssetup/ directory to the LDAP server as a
tarball, extracting it, and running comm_dssetup.pl is going to do me
any good. I have no idea what openldap considers it's 'server-root',
if indeed it even has anything of the sort.

I'm going to omit much frustrated ranting about this script not
wanting to talk to my existing LDAP configuration that is verified to
be working already. What I would like to ask is if there is any way
that I can get comm_dssetup.pl to give me a decent setup with my
existing openldap configuration? If not, am I just better off setting
up a vmware solaris 10 machine and installing ALL sun applications to
handle whatever calendar server needs? It seems that for each thing I
install in this package I keep recursing down the documentation tree
about more and more packages that I need or should have, unless I want
to configure everything by hand (which, of course, I'm completely
unable to do at this stage in my career).

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated so very much.

Thank you!

-Damon Getsman