The One4Sun - GWS writes:

>I have for sale on Ebay a brand new (still in original packaging) Sun V240
>system (system code # N32-XK42C1204HB) configured with:

> - 2 x 1.5 GHz processors,
> - 2 GB of RAM,
> - 2 x 73 GB U-320 SCSI hard disk drives,
> - on-board quad gigabit ethernet,
> - Solaris pre-loaded
> - DVD-ROM drive.

>The system is located in Australia. Delivery of the system will be
>arranged through Pack and Send ( though if you're
>local, you can pick up the system in person.


>Note that Ebay's shipping calculator does not give correct rates (this is
>noted clearly in the listing) so if you would like an accurate quote for
>delivery please get in touch and I'll obtain a price for you directly from
>the Pack and Send branch I deal with regularly.

>If you have any questions please get in touch!

Any more of them available?

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