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Vol 121 Issue 4 March 24 to March 30

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
Free and Open Source Software
19647 Learn to Create Web Apps Using MySQL Database in 30 Minutes
19683 Open Source Virtualization and Project Indiana
19684 Project Darkstar's Roadmap
19536 White Papers Examine Sun Technology Contributed to Open Media

19664 Open Source and Profit, Put in Plain and Simple Terms
19630 Sun Federal's Bill Vass Talks Status Quo, Trends and Future
19644 Sun and Blu-ray Technology
19681 Customer Relationship Management at the Right Price

19169 Sun's Roadmap for its Open HPC Stack
19686 Recent HPC Items of Interest on the HPC Community Portal

19701 Sun Wins $44.29 Million Department of Defense Research Contract
19669 U.S. Navy to Acquire Only Open Source Technologies, Standards
19706 New Web 2.0 Companies Turning to Sun Technologies
19570 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

19596 Cheat Sheet for Picking the Right Solaris OS Installation for You
19694 Open HA Cluster Community Releases HA xVM Agent

19670 Step-by-Step How-to for Optimizing MySQL Server on Sun x64
Servers and Storage
19523 A Better (Automatic) Way to Configure Tape Drives
19473 Solaris Express Developer Edition Aids Development on the Solaris

SysAdmin's Section
19461 The Ins and Outs of Desktop Virtualization
19676 Resource Management with the Solaris OS
19573 Two Script Articles by Victor Feng for Solaris OS
19476 To Spin Down or Not: Power Savings in Disk Management
19474 Organizing and Managing Data Volumes in Solaris Zones
19674 Defending Against Spam with Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam

Top 10
19715 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

19680 Building a VDI Demo With Sun Virtual Desktop Connector 1.0
19685 Quick Tips on Setting Up the Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
19507 The New Sun XVR-300 x8 Graphics Frame Buffer
19696 Sun ISV Solutions the Financial Services Industry
19697 Policy Administration for Insurance
19712 Streaming Platform for Financial Services
19699 Real Time Banking for Finance
19700 Treasury Application for Finance