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Vol 120 Issue 4 February 25 to March 2

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
19531 Sun Completes Acquisition of MySQL; Offers Subscriptions and
19499 Gartner and IDC Release Reports on 4Q07 Server Market
19540 People's Republic of China Signs Three-Year Agreement for Sun's
OpenSPARC Technology
19501 Sun Completes Vauu, Inc. Acquisition
19496 Solaris OS Support Now Available From IBM
19497 Sun Named as a 2008 Best Corporate Citizen by CRO Magazine
19515 System News For Sun Users Blog Recap

19503 Consolidate to Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 or T5220 Servers
19514 Save 10% off List Price of Backup Optimization Analysis Service

19486 Sun Fire X4150 Sets Single- and Dual-JVM Benchmarks
19361 Browser-Based User Interface Functionality Added to Sun Blade
19288 73GB 15RPM Ultra 3 SCSI HDD Hard Drive X-Option for Netra Servers
19457 Sun Netra T5220 Server Earns Rave Review
19300 How to Configure the Sun Fire X4500 as NAS for Symantec
Enterprise Vault
19291 Newly Listed Sun Remanufactured Product Offerings
19382 End of Life for Select Sun Blade, Sun Fire, and Ultra Products

19526 Download Solaris Cluster Express 2/08 from OpenSolaris HA
19511 Download Sun xVM Ops Center Installation Documentation
19504 Running Indiana Preview 2 Under VirtualBox
19509 Sun Java System Role Manager 4.0
19512 Service Tools Bundle 1.0 Features ServiceTags, Explorer
19506 Official Retirement Announced for Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1

19539 Sun Donates Code for Sun StorageTek 5800 System (Project
19543 Sun Releases New Open Archive Products
19379 Sun StorageTek LTO3 Half Height SAS Drive Options
19387 Sun Lowers Prices for Sun StorageTek 6140 and 6540 Arrays

Top 10
19571 Top Ten Articles for last Issue