Hello everyone,

I was performing a routine hardware update on our servers the other
day which went fine for most but I accidentally installed an incorrect
firmware update.

The server I was updateing was a SunFire X4200. I uploaded the image
for the firmware through the service processor and it installed
happily and successfully (it wasn't until after the update I realised
that it was an update for the M2 server) but when it came to rebooting
the machine the screen nor the redirected terminal through the ILOM
worked. So to myself i thought no problem ill just roll it back; so I
did, following the guidelines in the release notes for the update. I
uploaded an old firmware image, erased the current image and coppied
the new one in. Upon completion and verifying the downgrade it came up

checksum: invalid

So i repeated the process several times and every time i got that
error message. Then i tired it again and it crashed during the
firmware erase.

According to the release notes I have bricked the System Service
Processor. Can somone please confirm this to the best of their
knowledge and anything else it may have affected.

Thanks in advance.