$75.00 Canadian
Quantum DLT8000 Tape Drive (Model TH8XH-TE)
8 MB
Native Capcity 40 GB
Interface type SCSI
Pulled from a Tape Library.

Four Drives are available at $75 each.

Check Craig's List Toronto for pictures:
I can send you pictures if you wish.

Also available:
two DLT7000 (Model TH6XF-TE), $75 each.

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, northern part of Etobicoke, Martin
Grove and Albion - M9V 2B5.
I prefer pickup in Toronto but I will ship if needed. Email me for
shipping costs.

I am a dealer so I must collect and remit applicable taxes.
PST and GST in Ontario
GST in Canada outside of Ontario
No tax for sales outside of Canada

If you wish more information, you will get a faster response if you
email me at:
or give me a phone call at 416-744-6323 and leave a message (takes 7
to 8 rings).

Thank you.
Alex Rishea
Andromeda Computer Systems
Voice (416) 744-6323
FAX (416) 744-3343