Hello ,

I have a full working Sunray server ,thin clients auth from my
openldap directory ,home from nfs mount ,thin clients get their
settings from my DHCP server . By Default server came to me "almost"
ready,i didnt install it my self ,i just searched info on net about
how to config it. And now i wonder . If for any reason i have to
reinstall solaris 10 and Sun Ray server ,is something other than the
Sun Ray server package (srss_3.1.zip) that i need to install too ?
(*) . Maybe tftp,tomcat or something ?

I just want to be sure that the only thing i have to do is to install
the srss package and after the utinstall/utconfig ,my dtu's will
connect to the server . Can someone help me on that ? Thank you .

(*)Of course after clean install i will have the same network settings
like before