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Vol 118 Issue 1 December 3 to December 9

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
19096 Sun xVM Ops Center to be Released January 8th
19102 Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program
19054 OpenSolaris on IBM’s z System Mainframes
19082 Sun's Eco-Friendly Servers Win Australian Telco From HP
18962 Good News from Sun
19035 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap

19058 The Latest News from Sun Partners
19104 Sun Startup Essentials Program Expands to UK, Israel
19026 Sun Partner Advantage Program's "Port Now! Hardware Offering"
19048 SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform Powered by Sun's Datacenter
of the Future
19045 Defending Against the Vulnerabilities in Web 2.0

19085 Sun Fire UltraSPARC IV+ Uniboard Upgrade Promotion
19086 Sun Blade Starter Kits Promotion Repriced: Bigger Discounts
19088 Get 3 Months (200 CPU-hours) Free on Sun Grid Compute Utility @

19053 IDC Reports Modest 3Q07 Growth in Server Markets
18970 Sun Blade 6048 Modular System Standard Components and Features
19032 1GB DIMMs Configs for the Sun SPARC and Sun Fire T1000 and T2000
Product Families

19075 A Top 10 List of Emerging Storage Technologies
19101 Sun StorageTek VSM 5 Offers 53% More Throughput Than Original
19030 New Features Offered with Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library
Value System
19006 Fixed Storage Solution Involves StorageSwitch, StorageTek 5800
19005 Implementing Storage Resource Broker with Sun StorageTek 5800

Sun Java System
19052 Learning Curve Series Focuses on Sun Java System Portal Server,
V7.1 Update 1
19078 Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 6.0 Plug-in for Sun Java
System Application Server
18928 Sun Java System Directory Enterprise Edition 6.2 Now Available
18886 Answers to FAQs on Sun Java System Access Manager & Federation

Top 10
19121 Top Ten Articles for last Issue