hello all,
please help...
because i want to liveupgrade my sun ultra 20, and biosdev is broken,
i'm forced to upgrade my bios.
ultra20-root% /sbin/biosdev
biosdev: Could not match any!!

Here are my config:
Sun Ultra 20
Main board ID: 2864
Proc rev: SH-E4

ultra20-root% smbios | more
0 64 SMB_TYPE_BIOS (BIOS information)

Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Version String: 2.1.7
Release Date: 12/01/2005

after downloading and installing 2.2.9, i'm unable to stay aside the
machine as fans are very loud!
Looking in the bios setup, i have:
PC Health Status->CPU Fan Speed varies from 3100 to 3500 RPM
Fan 1 Speed is 924 RPM
Before the bios upgrade, CPU Fan Speed was around 2500RPM

Has anyone the same values on Ultra20?
Are machines like Dell quieter?

In the Bios Setup, there is a feature called AMD K8 Cool'n'Quiet. It is
"Auto", i set it to Disable without change...

What can i do, except reinstalling bios 2.1.7? (but i should'nt be able
to do a liveupgrade)
On the Sun site, there are many revisions of u20's bios. Anyone can say
to me what revision i have to use to have:
- the more quieter machine
- biosdev not broken

Thanks in avdance for help,


PS: http://www.sun.com/desktop/workstati...oads.jsp#Ultra