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Vol 117 Issue 3 November 19 to November 25

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
Developer's Section
18950 Setting Up PostgreSQL 8.2 on SXDE 9/07 to Work With NetBeans 6.0
18791 A Look at Object-Based Storage Device Support in the Solaris OS
18951 Deploying PHP5 Runtime Within Java System Web Server 7
18916 Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days Conference

19003 Sun Datacenter Switch 3456 - The World's Largest InfiniBand Core
19014 Innovating in the HPC Market
18997 Sun Goes Underground in Japan
18898 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap

18957 Two New OpenSolaris Projects: CIFS Server and CIFS Client for
19011 OpenSolaris Project Runs Solaris as an SCSI Target
18936 New ZFS Packages Offer Snapshots 0.9 and Backups 0.2
18954 Updated Version of Solaris Package Companion, v0.7
18935 The Fault Management Architecture Demo Kit
18994 Jim Grisanzio on Japan's OpenSolaris Community

19002 The New Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220 Available Free for 60
19008 Evaluate Solaris 10 Appliance for VMware and VMware Virtual
Infrastructure 3 (VI3) Software on the Sun x64 Platforms

18986 Encryption Strategies: The Key to Controlling Data
19001 Hack-Fu? Gesundheit, Glenn Brunette, and Watch Your Back
18969 The UltraSPARC T2 Cryptographic Activation CD or Download

19000 White Paper: Sun Netra ATCA Product Family
18968 Sun Blade T6320 SPARC Server Module with UltraSPARC T2 Processors
18810 Sun Fire X4450 Intel Xeon-based x64 Server

18990 Jim Laurent on Solaris Swap Space
18932 The New Sun Management Center 4.0
18987 Sun Shines in Magic Quadrant for Web Access Management 2H07
19023 CoolTuner 1.0.6 for UltraSPARC T1 and T2-based Systems Tuning

Top 10
19034 Top Ten Articles for last Issue