On a SunFire server I did a Solaris patch cluster installation and
after it completed
I noticed that the installation had replaced a lot of my (customized)
config files in /etc/
and elsewhere (e.g., erasing static routes). I found (e.g.) /etc/
inetsvc was new with
a /etc/inetsvc.patch# being the old one with the customizations.
Thanks, Sun; took a
while to figure that one out.

One thign that puzzles me that I have yet to figure out:
The machine boots and I get 'unknown console login' at the
console. Log in, and 'hostname' reveals 'unknown' as the hostname.

Run /etc/init.d/network and it complains 'shcat' cannot be found.
I edit that script to change 'shcat' to 'cat' and it works, restores
hostname to the normal hostname.

Reboot and rcS complains 'cat' is an unknown command, does not
run the network script! Still an 'unknown' hostname after the boot.

Run network script again, all is well. Hostname set, networking

So am I stuck? With shcat, nothing works after booting. With cat
it'll work but I have to go in and manually run the network script,
which is obviously
a robustness issue (I can't keep doing that).

Has anyone run into this before and is there a cure-all for what ails
this box?
Not the first box this has happened to after this patch cluster

Box is Solaris 9, SPARC.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.