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Vol 117 Issue 1 November 5 to November 11

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
18880 Live Sun Net Talk Chat: New Sun SPARC Enterprise Systems Q&A
18885 Webinar: Exploring The Next Generation IDE in Sun Studio Software
18915 Podcast Series Covers Topics on Virtual Desktop Solutions

18920 Sun xVM Hypervisor: A Panacea?
18861 Big Changes Seen in Online Gaming

18862 10GbE Ports on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220
18816 New Riser Cards for Sun Fire V215 and V245 Server
18943 Download Hardware Certification Test Suite (HCTS) 4.0
18819 End of Life for Sun Blade X8400 Server Module DDR1-400 Memory

18780 Sun's Q1 FY 2008 Earnings Report Posts Profit
18919 New World Record Sales and Distribution for SAP on Sun T2
18978 Sun in Florida : Solaris and Java Developers Update Nov 13, 14,
18896 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap
18913 Call for Papers for the 2008 JavaOne Conference
18944 Good News from Sun

18933 Upgrade Your Sun Fire X4600 or X4600 M2 Server Boards and Save
18934 "Armor Your Assets" Promotion Extended to September 30, 2007

18938 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 and GCCfss Tops Competitors on SPEC
18914 Sun Fire X4100 and Paraccel Set TPC-H World Records
18929 AMD Opteron 8224SE (3.2GHz, 120W) Processor Available for Sun
Fire X4600 M2
18958 How Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Pack 3.0 Works on Sun

18937 'Best-Ever' Internet Security Practices for Solaris 10 OS
18871 Don't Underestimate ZFS
18831 Myth Buster Jim Laurent Takes on Solaris 10 OS Detractors
18917 Solaris Still a Strong Contender in the OS Market
18815 StarOffice and StarSuite 7 Reach End of Life (EOL)

Top 10
18979 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

18884 Sun Ultra 24 Benchmark Results Show Up Dell, IBM, HP on MCAD
18905 Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Sets Two Scientific Desktop World