I have upgraded recently my Blade 1000 with two 1200 MHz US III Cu
CPUs, from 2 x 900 MHz (not Cu). Everything works fine, except that I
have observed that the CPUs never enter low power state when the
system is in low power mode (blinking power button green LED).

This is how I test the system:
power.conf :
autopm enable
cpupm enable
system-threshold 5m
cpu-threshold 2m
loadaverage 0.20
powerd running.
I alternate 1 x 900MHz with 1 x 1200 MHz Cu (after power off, of
I boot the system without keyboard/mouse attached and I do not log in.

With the 900 MHz I observe the following (using a Watt meter):
Immediately after system startup: 200 Watts
~3 minutes after startup: 160 Watts
~5 minutes after startup: 115 Watts
No heat coming from the PSU and the CPU is nearly cold. Case fans
running at low speed, PSU fans stopped.

With the 1200MHz Cu installed:
Immediately after system startup: 185 Watts
3 minutes after startup with system idle and no users logged in: 185
5 minutes after startup still idle: 185 Watts
PSU overheating, CPU as hot as it were with the system in full power.
Case fans running at low speed, PSU fans stopped and started at full
speed after a few minutes.

What is bad, in the second case, is that the system enters in a low
power state, I can see the power supply fans being turned off and the
green light on the power button flashing, however the CPU is still
draining full power. After a while the power supply overheats and
starts the fans at max speed for a few seconds, and so on.

I was wondering if anyone with a Blade 2000 and Cu CPUs could report
if they observe the same behaviour, or if they see that their system
actually enters in a low power state reducing the power drain.