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Vol 116 Issue 5 October 29 to November 4

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
Free and Open Source Software
18835 The Outlook for Open Source from Sun's Perspective
18867 Downloads of 2.3 Reach for Million Per Week
18863 The Present and Future of Open Source
18908 Latest Available NetBeans Build: Version 6.0 Beta 2
18872 Sun Report Builder (SRB) Extension Enhances
18907 McNealy Identifies Advantages of Open Source Technology
18832 Project Open Provisioning Toolkit (OpenPTK)

18868 Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 1.0
18881 OpenSolaris Developer Preview Ready for Download
18912 Sun's First Storage-Server Hybrid to be Released
18949 Sun in Florida : Solaris and Java Developers Update Nov 13, 14,
18853 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap

18761 FileBench Now Included in OpenSolaris
18879 OpenSolaris Self-Service Testing Application

18855 Save 30% on Sun Ultra 45 Workstation With Trade-in of Sun Blade
18836 Attend Sun Training by Year's End and Get a $100 Best Buy Gift

18805 Sun Message Security Solution for Brightmail Software
18883 IDC Report on Sun Developer Services Portfolio

18854 What's in the Pipeline for Storage Products at Sun
18809 Sun StorageTek IBM LTO4 SCSI for SL500 & L180-700-1400 Tape
18874 Sun StorageTek SAM-QFS Wiki

SysAdmin's Section
18878 Cost of Ownership: Solaris vs RedHat Linux
18887 Using Solaris Live Upgrade
18864 Sun Installation Assistant Easily Installs Linux, Windows OS on
Sun x64 Servers
18873 Creating a Diskless Setup for the Solaris OS on x86 Platforms
18866 New BigAdmin Resources: Wiki, Script Filter, Open Source

18844 New Java Web Services Courses
18789 Sun Training Guide - Handy Reference
18904 Solaris Associate Seminar Course Introduces the OS and its
Advanced Features
18848 Sun eLearning Certification Success Packages