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Vol 116 Issue 3 October 15 to October 21

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
18860 Scaling MySQL Enterprise with Solaris 10 - Oct 24th Webcast
18842 Sun Startup Essentials Program Adds Sun Incubator Partner
18826 Webcast: Sun-Blackboard Reference Architecture for Throughput

18797 John Fowler on the Prospects for Sun's Merged Server, Storage
18787 Andy Bechtolsheim Talks About Innovating in a Commodity Market
18700 Making Storage Think for Itself (or at least for the User)
18841 The Green Enterprise: Sun Microsystems

Java Technology
18783 Sun UltraSPARC T2 Servers Deliver Highest Single Socket JVM
18775 Lively Kernel Can Spawn Itself, Objects Within
18739 Sun Labs Voice Bridge Open Sourced
18762 Learning and Using JavaFX Script
18722 TZupdater Keeps Java Runtime Environment On Time

18838 Sun Acquires J.D. Power and Associates Certification
18800 Sun Expresses Continued Support of Cluster File Systems Lustre
18725 Sun Piloting ISO 20022 Global Financial Messaging Standard with
Bank of America
18792 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap
18720 Java CAPS Selected as Integration Framework for Leading Nordic
Fund Manager

18755 Sun Sets Goal of $7 Billion in Channel Business by 2010
18727 SWIFT Delivery Partner Network Now Available to Sun Partners

18837 Upgrade to Sun's New UltraSPARC T2 Servers and Save up to 25%
18753 Save with Sun StorageTek 6000 Series Performance Plus Pack
18754 Free Drive Conversion Trays and Service With an Upgrade to SL8500

18822 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Posts Industry-Leading Results on
Lotus Domino R6iNotes
18784 UltraSPARC T2 Servers Set Floating-Point Single-Chip Record on
SPEComp Benchmark
18788 Maximizing WebSphere App Server on the UltraSPARC T2 Servers
18824 Free Download of Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.0.1
18814 Sun Fire T1000/T2000, Sun Blade T6300 Get Price Reduction

18806 The New Sun StorageTek 9985V System Now Available
18804 Additional Parts Announced for Symantec Veritas NetBackup 6.5
18830 Download Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager (CAM) 6.0 Free
18813 LTO3 Half Height SCSI Drive Options for Sun StorageTek SL24 and
18729 Livelink ECM Provides Secure Communication of SAP Related Data
18731 Enterprise Vault Solutions, Open Text Livelink ECM , Tape
Consolitation with SL1400

Top 10
18799 Top Ten Articles for last Issue
18859 Top Ten Articles for last Issue