I recently installed S10 (6/06) on my old PIII. My card is a
GeForce II MX100/200, running a CMV1515 LCD screen, which is extremely
fussy about its refresh rates. After initially using Xorg as xserver,
I couldn't get away from the default 640x480. I changed to Xsun, and
from its options quickly managed to jump to 800x600, initially at 256
colors. I eventually got to 800x600x16-bit color, but there I'm stuck.
After much searching I still cannot make hide nor hair of the
posts I've found suggesting how to get my resolution up to 1024x768.
No matter WHAT I try in Xsun, including the lines which clearly state
that 1024x768 is selected, I still only get 800x600.
Firstly, where is Xsun's config file?? I though it had something
to do with /etc/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig, but apart from a
commented-out 'example' list at the top of the file that file seems to
contain nothing to do with resolution or color depth. Am I supposed
to uncomment those lines? Are those lines part of an example, or are
the settings behind the #'s the *actual* examples and does
uncommenting them then make them part of the active server's options?
This is unclear.
I've mucked about with xorg so much I'm not sure where I am -
serves me right for not remembering to save it beforehand. Can I use
settings from my Slackware linux xorg.conf file, which works just
dandy, or is that only because Slackware has the correct driver
running? Xsun includes several lines relating to my card, but does
that actually imply I have the proper driver installed, or are they
misleading and would be there anyway? Is there a S10-specific driver
for that card, and does anyone know where I can get it if in fact I
already don't? Also, does missing my /etc/resolv.conf make any sort
of difference?