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> sorry to get you back late folks, it was hard to collect info.
> I configured it as window queue by lpadmin -s
> #lpstat -lp dprint
> printer daver unknown state. enabled since Oct 15 15:12 2007. available.
> Remote Name: dprint
> Remote Server: dprint_ps
> Rank Job Id Username File Size Document
> ================================================== ==============
> There are currently 0 jobs enqueued to the print manager
> I can see it send some data to printer, but somehow still blank page.
> I also configured solaris to manage the queue, but still same result..
> stange.
> this is the diagram,
> laptop -> VPN to remote Solaris -> connect to Solaris through x-window
> software -> print to local printer, blank pages..
> this is first time having this problem, the printer is new model of Dell
> A966.
> "Greg Andrews" wrote in message
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>> "steeles" writes:
>>>server is Solaris 9, remote user has a printer installed in their end,
>>>VPN in and connect to server through a X-server program, we configured it
>>>remote printer by LPR/inet32.
>>>I have done a lot for remote users, but this is first time.
>>>It prints fine locally through windows, but once I send job in server
>>>printer grab papers, but didn't print anything.

>> What is the configuration of the printer queue on the server side?
>> Please run the command "lpstat -lp queue-name" on the server and
>> post the output. (replace "queue-name" with the name of the printer
>> queue)
>> -Greg
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