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Vol 116 Issue 2 October 8 to October 14

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
Free and Open Source Software
18726 The OpenDS Project - Not Just a Directory Server
18721 The Ins and Outs of's Base
18695 Benchmarks, Clustering, HA Features of GlassFish V2

18765 Just Who Is That Guy with the Ponytail?
18741 SPOTWorld and Emulated Sun SPOTs - Latest Developments in Project

18776 The New UltraSPARC T2 Systems: T5120/T5220 Servers and Sun Blade
18756 Sun xVM Infrastructure Previewed: Sun xVM Server and Sun xVM Ops
18786 UltraSPARC T2 Servers and Sun xVM: The Ultimate Virtualization
18798 Detailed System Overview of New T5120/T5220 Servers
18773 Newly Formed Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest
18757 Sun's Second Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
18768 SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap
18772 Winners Announced in Sun's 17th Annual Supplier Awards Program
18764 Open Versatility: Sun Blade Systems Live Q&A

18751 Free Sun Fire E6900 or E25K Server Chassis with Upgrade
18750 Upgrade Your Sun Fire X4600 or X4600 M2 Server Boards and Save
18749 Get 22-37% Off the Memory List Price of Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers

18766 Privacy and the CIO: Part of the Territory?
18781 X Font Server Vulnerabilities Detected in Solaris OS
18694 Mutiple Security Fixes Issued for the Java SE Platform
18748 Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.0 Streamlines Administration,
Auditing Tasks
18735 Embedded Lights Out Manager Vulnerable to Unauthorized Access
18746 Two Vulnerabilities in Solaris 8, 9 and 10 OS Fixed

18743 Latest Version of Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office Released
18732 Handy Guide to Sun's Software Portfolio
18740 Setting Up Memcached on Solaris Zones

Top 10
18799 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

18730 Laptop Security Breaches Highlight Benefits of Sun Ray Thin
18728 Sun Ray Thin Clients, Solaris 10 OS Upgrade Teaching at Dublin
Institute of Technology
18734 Pentland Brands, Engineering DataXpress Offer Customer Snapshots