I have bought a blade 2000 (should arrive today!!) but would like to
upgrade the disks (2x73 GB).

I've seen some Hitachi HUS151414VLF200 fibre channel disks which are
147GB, 15k RPM - they are NOT badged as Sun.

This Hitach page


says the disk's connector is "2GFC"

This Hitachi page

says they work in the Sun StorEdge 3510 disk array.

The Sunsolve page on the StorEdge 3510:


says the disks are FC. I can't however work out if the StorEdge 3510's
FC disks are the same as the FC-AL used in the Blade 2000

Anyone got any information?

If the connectors are right, I'll take a chance on the firmware etc. But
clearly if the connectors are not the same as in the Blade 2000, I might
as well not bother.