we are using Sun Sparc 5.8 operating system

We have a project with c++ and c source files. here is what we are
using gcc/g++ 2.95 it goes well
1. generating .o files of cpp using g++
ex. g++ -c a1.cpp -o a1.o
2. creating an archive libtest.a from all cpp object
3. link the above archive to a target generated from
c file
ex. gcc -o agent.c libtest.a

when i changed the compiler gcc/g++ to 3.3.2 we are facing unresolved
symbols while linking archive file. the following symbols are not

Undefined first referenced
in file
operator new(unsigned) x.o (x.cpp)
__gxx_personality_v0 x.o
operator delete(void*) x.o

is it that in the gcc version 2.95 c++ features included? why was it
throwing these errors in gcc 3.3.2 or later. these problems will go
if i link libstdc++, but our customers do not want this.

could some one help on this

Thanks in advance
Panduranga Chary