Thomas Lecomte writes:

>I've just bought a Sun SPARCstation 5 - 110MHz.
>To use my CDROM drive I had to keep the case opened.
>While running, I put my finger onto the CPU radiator. I found it REALLY hot.
>Is it normal?
>For now I've put a fan on it, I dunno if it's really necessary.
>Any ideas?

Yes it's normal. The 110 MHz MicroSparc-II CPU's produce a lot of heat.
That's probably why Sun never put the 125 MHz versions into production and
decided instead to offer a 170 Mhz Turbosparc-based system board as another

There were also 160 and 170 Mhz 'retrofit' kits to add a Turbosparc CPU to
SS5 system boards which had the Microsparc-II CPU socketed. Not all SS5
system boards had the CPU in a socket so that's probably one reason why the
retrofit kits fell out of favour (and I haven't come across any for some
years now).

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