"Tom Tobin" writes:

>A contest for all comers?
>Cos I've probably got an advantage over most...
>...having 263 of the Sparc 20s still in stock!
>(Well, they don't take a lot of room and they eat very little!;-)

8-) Like SS5's and 10's as well. I don't have anything like 263 SS20's
though - only about four (one in production use as a NetBSD-based ftp
server, others for whatever), but I do have one made into the later revision
of the case which allowed the use of a standard half-height CD-ROM drive
instead of the low-profile Toshiba XM-4101 which is 2x speed, very expensive
to buy, and extremely expensive to buy mounting hardware for (new anyway).

>Actually... I'm a bit worried that the Sparc 20s have been
>interbreeding with the Ultras - in the dark - and produced some
>sort of weird, exotic creature, totally unlike either...
>Whose very first words were, 'For under 30 Bucks a month!'
>That couldn't happen...
>Could it?

He he well we've got strange things like Axil's machines and the Ross
Hyperstations, so inter-breeding even within the same 'class' gives strange
children from time to time!


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