I recentely installed the SUNPCI co-processor card in my system
(Ultra Sparc 10 3.31 OBP) running Solaris 8.

I downloaded version 1.3 of the SUNPCI software from SUN's website.
After pkgadd'ing it into (/usr/opt/SUNWspci):

cd "drivers/solaris"
cd "../bin/"
this resulted in the following error message:

/************************************************** *****
It appears that you have just installed the sunpci patch
Please as root run


to complete the installation. It is located in ...SUNWspci/bin
directory (if installed to default directory, /opt/SUNWspci/bin)

See the patch README for full instructions
/************************************************** *************/

problem is there is no such file "sunpciupdate". any idea what is
causing this error message and what I might be able to do to correct it?

By the way, does anyone have the SUNPCI I cd or willing to upload the
image to me? please contact me at rombios@acedsl.com and I'll setup an
ftp site for you.