On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:03:36 -0700, Paul Grammens wrote:

> "Frank-Christian Kruegel" wrote
>> The BSDs have suitable boot floppies, which make your life much easier.

> I'm another newbie who just bought a Sun Ultra 1 200mhz/128meg, Sun OS 5.7.
> I have the same problem, can't get past the password stage. I understand I
> can do that if I boot from a CD, which I'd have to buy on Ebay.
> Would it be possible to download this boot floppy and make a boot disk with
> a PC, and then use that boot floppy to get access the hard disk and make the
> necessary changes? I understand I need to change or delete the encrypted
> password file, or something.

Unless you have a reason not to I would re-install the OS. Who knows what
state the current installation is in.