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> In comp.sys.sun.hardware Rob De Langhe wrote:
> >Anyone has any clue what might be the reason? SUN Support doesn't know...

> Sun support does know. There is a compatibility issue with certain
> USB mouse revision and latest Sunray f/w shipped with SRS 2.0 which
> cause the symptoms you described. Currently the only solution seems
> to be a "mouse upgrade".

Rob's description does not match the mouse firmware problem. If
the mouse has bad firmware then the lockup occurs randomly, it is
not correlated with screensaver activity. This kind of lockup can
be cured (until the next occurrence) by unplugging and replugging
the mouse or by power-cycling the Sun Ray. A workaround for this
problem will be included in the next Sun Ray 2.0 *and* 1.3 patches,
this is not a 2.0 vs. 1.3 issue.

A "mouse upgrade" would not help because no fix has yet been
released for the mouse firmware. A mouse *downgrade* will help if
you can find a mouse that contains firmware that predates this bug.
Firmware below revision 05B is believed to be safe. The firmware
revision is shown on the underside of the mouse, immediately
following the mouse's serial number.

Rob's scenario sounds more like a server-side problem so it's
plausible that it could be fixed by installing an up-to-date patch
cluster. I'm not aware of a specific bug that could cause those
particular symptoms.

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