have to sell my precious sun stuff

this is a currently complete functioning working production system (home

I use it as a file server

it is made up of an array ( Sun StorEdge D1000 )of scsi disk drives (spares

array is hooked up to hardware controller ( Sun StorEdge 3500 - about 25
pounds) - this is a cool controller with dual power supplies, dual cpus,
dual memory modules, dual/fail over everything

I include 3 of these Sun StorEdge 3500

this Sun StorEdge 3500 is in turn hooked up to ultra sparc 2 which is
configured with 1048576K of ram, two cpus 200 mhz each, ultra wide
diferential scsi sbus modules and extra nics

currently configured to provide 117 gigabytes of storage - yeah, I know,
it's not much - I configured it a long while ago and did not have time and
desire to reconfigure - of course, you can put in larger disk drives and
have a terabyte or terabytes

it's a highly redundant system that I have built to pass veritas and sun
solstice certifications (yes, I did both)

it's not really practical to use in real modern production environment, but
would be EXTREMELY useful in test/educational lab/environment

offer me what you think is fair but do not offend me

if I like your offer, I will throw in some related books

also, I do not have time or desire to dig out exact specs of the system for

not that I'm totally arrogant or something, but it's just that exact specs
not longer matter - REALLY!

so, here's brief summary in pounds approximately of what's included

sun montor - 25 lbs
sun ultra 2 - 25 lbs
sun storedge d1000 - 35 lbs
sun storedge 3500 - 40 lbs each, 3 included: 3*40=120 lbs

original, but dirty sun mouse and keyboard are included as well

also, if desired, ultra sparc 1 (not working) is available for spares for
free with the purchase

this ultra sparc 1 worked until recently, but then I tried to turn it on,
and it would not - after a thunderstorm - may be needs new power supply, I
do not know

if you have a nice project, it's great, but I'm not into donating at the
moment, and expect hard cold cash

believe me, I have paid some hard-earned, cold cash when I wanted to build
this system

sorry guys, no shipping - it would cost a lot and cause me too much trouble
finding who can ship it and packaging it

local pickup in sterling, va please