Hi Rich,

Rich Teer writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm thinking of upgrading my home network to GBE (currently it's
> 100 base T). Half of my important machines already have built GBE
> interfaces, but two of them don't so I need to get a couple of GBE
> NICs. If I had the $$$ I'd just get a pair of Sun Gigaswift UTPs,
> but I don't so I'm open to alternatives. Can anyone recommend a
> suitable NIC to me? The card MUST be supported by Solaris 10 (and
> preferably Solaris 9), and must support network booting. Support
> for SPARC is essential (the machines I'm looking at upgrading are
> a Sun Blade 1000 and an E220R); support for x86 is desirable but
> not mandatory.

You could try the SK-9821 10/100/1000 Adapter from Syskonnect.
I do not have that Adapter myself, but it lists as supported on ALOT
of plattforms aswell as Solaris 7,8,9 for 32 and 64 bit sparc and
7,8,9,10 for x86 and solaris 10 for x64. Why its not listed for
Solaris 10 on sparc is probarly worth asking.
The spec states it supports remote booting via PXE or RPL..

If it sounds interesting then the list of NICs are here:

Happy easter,