Hi gurus!

Not much of an HW expert, I used to be the happy owner
of a 280R equipped with a PGX64 card connected to an
old 20" Sun via an HD15 to DB13W3 cable adapter. That
stuff has been woking all right for three years, until I
decided to add a second NIC.

I brought the system down, installed an hme FastEthernet
card and made a reconfiguration boot. After 30 minutes
or so the screen played funny colors and the system

I rebooted the system and verified that the PGX64 did
not pass the test. The crash apparently occurred after
a bus error in the driver. Perhaps I didn't install the latest
patches and 3 years is about the average life of a graphic
card? I bought another PGX64 card, replaced it in the same
PCI slot (#2) and rebooted without reconfiguring devices.
It worked perfectly... for two weeks. :-(

Again, the screen turned black and went in stand-by. I tried
a couple of PC screens and they cannot sync and turn off,
just like the Sun screen. I haven't yet run a card test (as X
is still up and I hope I'll find out how to save a file I was
editing) but it seems obvious that the second PGX64 has
gone for good as well.

The new NIC card is in PCI#3, between the PGX64 and
the RSC. They are near, but do not touch one another.
PCI#1 (66Mhz) is empty. I weared wrist strips. There are
filtering UPSes on both power inlets. Both NICs work fine.

What is happening?

Is there something I overlooked? Any clue?

Can someone confirm that such PCI slots configuration
is fine and there are no incompatibilities between the two

Many thanks in advance for any response.