DoN. Nichols wrote:
> As far as I can tell, there is no "fan-is-working" signal. The
> system starts to boot, and when it gets hot enough, it quits and spits
> an error message onto the console. If you left it running too long with
> that condition, it may have fried the CPU itself. I don't know for
> sure. Mine did survive, but I discovered the fan failure when I was
> installing an OS, so I was paying closer attention to it than I normally
> would.

I also had an Ultra 1 with a dead fan (some years ago) - discovered it
when I took the lid off to change the jumpers to enable flashing the
OBP. I bought a 486 fan+heatsink combo, dicarded the heatsink and
plugged the fan into a disk drive power plug (easier than changing the
plug to suit the motherboard fan connector).
> > Do you still have the dimensions and voltage measurements?


I used a standard 12V fan - not sure of the dimensions.