Michael Laajanen wrote:
> Hi,
> Erik Magnuson wrote:
>> Michael Laajanen wrote:
>>> Hopefully they where designing the new motherboard for the US-IIIi+
>>> biut the chip got delayd due to T1000 I read somewhere.
>>> Which could mean that we will see a better U45 in may/jun perhaps.

>> From a business perspective, it did make more sense for Sun to get
>> the T1000 out first - the T1000 is unique whereas the 3i+ doesn't have
>> a heck of a lot to offer over an Opteron other than Sparc compatibility

> Yes, that was on the web long before the T1000 was showed.
>> (there is the matter that the 3i+ would be in a dyed in the wool Sun
>> as opposed to a PeeCee).

> So you belive or heard that Sun will more or less halt the US-IIIi+?
> that sounds alarming!

The references I've seen used the word "delayed" - haven't heard
anything about "halting". Recall that it took a long time for the
US-IIIi to come out. The comment about the US-IIIi+ versus the Opteron
refers to the Open Boot firmware on the Sparc versus the BIOS on the

>> Now if Apple had gone with Sparc instead of the PPC, US-IIIi+ chips
>> would probably be a higher priority...

> Any Apple talk was way back and I don't think that would helped us now,
> the single biggest factor for lausy economi I think was the latest
> Ice-time.

Of course, I was just laying out an alternative history in which the
US-IIIi+ would have considerably more importance to Sun's overall
business than it does now.

- Erik