"EKP" writes:
> Since i managed to find a keyboard, now i can see the boot sequence
> with keyboard led.
> But i can't interpretate it!

IPX Keyboard diagnostic codes:

(1=ON) FRU Meaning
---- ---------- ------------------------------------
0000 n/a Testing complete. SunOS is booted.
0001 Boot PROM Bad checksum in boot PROM.
0010 NVRAM/TOD NVRAM/Time-of-Day Clock failed
0011 n/a main logic board component failed OR
SIMM U0310 (slot 0) failed.
0100 SIMM U0310 SIMM U0310 (slot 0) failed.
0101 SIMM U0309 SIMM U0309 (slot 1) failed.
0110 SIMM U0308 SIMM U0308 (slot 2) failed.
0111 SIMM U0307 SIMM U0307 (slot 3) failed.
1000-1111 Reserved.


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