I just upgraded from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 on a SPARC system and moved
from Sun's native gnome 2.0 to 2.6 as part of their Java Desktop System.
Here are some issues that I am noticing and I'm curious if there are any
configuration options or work-arounds available to address them.

* I have a dual screen configuration running two separate desktops. Each
desktop has a panel with a "Show Desktop" button. However, clicking
the button on the second screen causes the contents of the first screen
to disappear. Is this a known issue with a fix?

* On the second desktop, I add a drawer or a launcher to the panel and
bring up the properties menu. When I click on the "Icon" box, the
panels on both desktops disappear momentarily, are then redrawn and
the properties menu disappears. It is impossible to add an icon using
the properties menu. There is no such problem on the original desktop,
only on the second screen. Any know work-around?

* Is there a way to get rid of the "This Computer", "Documents", "Network
Places" and "Trash" icons from the desktop?

* The in-box monitor in the panel requires a double-click to execute the
underlying mail reader. Is there a way to change this to a single

* In what version of gnome were the following features implemented? I
thought I had these capabilities in gnome 2.0, but I may be confusing
it with a later release. I would like to implement them in gnome
2.6 if possible.

- When moving a window on the screen, holding down Shift while
dragging the window causes it to "snap" into alignment with
another window or the edge of the screen.

- When resizing an xterm window, the current size of the window,
in character units, is displayed.

Thanks for any pointers you can offer.

Jeffery Small