I have a web application that is developed with Netbeans 5.0 as the IDE
, Java, JSP and MySQL.
I can deploy this ok with Sun Java System Application Server Platform
Edition 8.2 but it does not verify. I get the following error in the
failed test section.

There is no real good error message or what I should try other than the


Test Name : tests.web.WebArchiveClassesLoadable
Test Assertion : All classes in this Web Archive are loadable. Please
refer to J2EE 1.4 Specification Section #8.1.2 for further information.
Test Description : For [ /rpc/rpc.war ]

classes [ ] referenced by [ ] are not found

Please either bundle the above mentioned classes in the application or
use optional packaging support for them.

Any ideas on what this problem is and how to solve it???