Rob Brown writes:

>On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Craig Ian Dewick wrote:

>> I've had someone I know well ask me if I have a GNU PG (aka PGP)
>> public key that I use to sign messages. I've never bothered with any
>> sort of digital signature stuff before but I was wondering how it
>> can be done with PINE. Can PINE be configured to automatically
>> include a public key with messages?

>I am using Pine 4.61 under RedHat 7.1. PineGPG works well for signing
>the main body of the message. All is does is add some sending filters
>and some display filters to your pine configuration which call the
>gnupg that you have already installed. On sending you get to sign, or
>encrypt, or etc. When displaying a message, it scans the text and
>checks the signature or decrypts, if appropriate.

That's probably a sensible approach since it makes the adaption of PINE for
various crypt/decrypt applications more flexible.

>PineGPG does *not* sign attachments, so you will need to sign them
>separately or something.

Ah ok I wasn't sure if it could do it 'internally' or not.

>I forget where I found this. Somewhere on the web, although it might
>have come with this version of Redhat.

Well it gives me a lead anyway, so thankyou.

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