Does anybody know how to setup step-by-step SSL and SSO on SUN's
Communications Suite? I am using [or rather testing] The following
products: Calendar Server 6, Messaging Server 6, Communications Express
6, Web Server 6.1 and Access Manager 7. All on just one machine.
I have managed to get Single Sign-On working fine with Comm Express but
I can not seem to manage to get it working with SSL. I mainly want to
run https via Comm Express to access messenger and calendar. This works
great on http.
I have also read [and read] SUN's documentation about setting up SSO
with SSL but that is a bit confusing [to say the least]. I found in the
Comm Express Admin Guide:
Messaging SSO is not supported in SSL.
Work around
To support Messaging SSO with SSL perform the following steps:
How to enable Messaging SSO with SSL
1. Configure Web Server in SSL mode.
2. Configure Communications Express for SSL port of Web Server.
3. Set uwcauth.ssl.enabled=true.
4. Set uwcauth.https.port to SSL port of Web Server.
5. Enable Messaging Server in SSL mode.
6. Set the webmail.port in to SSL port of
Messaging Server.
7. Provide messagingsso.ims.url to Non SSL port of Messaging Server
8. Install the Certificate Management Server root Certificate Authority
(CMS root CA) on both Web Server and Messaging Server.
9. Restart Web Server.
10. Provide a value to local.webmail.sso.ims.verifyurl pointing to Non
SSL port of Messaging Server.
11. Restart Messaging Server.

The problem here is what is meant by "CMS root CA" ?? of course when
searched on Google I get the Communications Express Admin Guide lol :^)
Anyways I got a Thawte Cert for the web server, this seems to work fine
and the "uwc" login page works fine too. Now what do I do to get
messenger to work? Get another Cert?? It says "install CMS root CA on
both Web Server and Messenger" how??? maybe I need to create self
signed certificates??
I need to have calendar working too, there is a SSL setup for calendar
but will it run with SSO uwc??
I also run into the problem in the Admin Guides of using "iplanet
console" to manage certs and some other features, what is this? of
course I can't find it or SUN has changed its name [but still suggests
to use it].
Well I am a bit frustrated, maybe something I am missing or not read
correctly [my apologies]. I do not think this to be uncommon to want an
integrated mail and calendar application running SSO and SSL. So if
anybody knows an easy step-by-step setup or a link to such a thing
please let me know. I am not new to Unix nor Solaris but definitely
know little about Communications Suite [or maybe SUN has changed that
name too :^(
Thanks in Advance