Applixware 6.0 has been released for Sun Sparc Solaris.

Applixware is a cross-platform high availability application development
environement used by Financial data centers, Trade floors, Defense
organisations, Research centers, Aerospace, Agriculture, and more.

For more information please consult:

A 30 day trial version CD's of Applixware can be obtained upon request

or by download from:

Apart from numerous bugfixes and enhancements, the important changes in
this release include upgraded import/export filters, an improved look &
feel, and new Reuters RMDS & Bloomberg data engines.

The following list provides an overview of new or updated features in
the Applixware 6.0 release:

* Added Wide Character Support. (7002911)

* Added user interface for RMDS SSL and RMDS TIB Engine. (7003300)

* Add online help for RMDS SSL and RMDS TIB Engines. (7003301)

* RMDS SFC libraries are now dynamic. (7003743)

* Upgraded RMDS engine to SFC C++ 4.4.5 E1 for Solaris. (7003440)

* Realtime Status window no longer shows "contribution accepted"
when publishing RMDS SSL data. The information is now written to a log
file, where it can be read if logging is turned on. (7003359)

* Added MS Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v key bindings for cut/copy/paste
to current menubars. (7003278)

* Added System Information Tool. (7002816)

* Added Quickstarts for Applixware RMDS SSL and Applixware RMDS
TIB engines. The PDF files can be found in the rtgate/rmds directory.
After installation they will be located at the top level of the install
directory. The Quickstart documentation now explains how to use a
custom appendix_a, see section "Environment Settings".
(7003269)(7003269, 7003358)

* Added autorecognition of PDF file format in Applixware Mail.

* Added preference to allow a paste after doing an row or column
insert. (7003284, 7003503)

* Added rtconfig file parameter to control date and time fields
format when subscribing and publishing. VistaSource plans for a future
release to add additional parameter to allow the display of time fields
in local or GMT time. (7003291,7003294)

* AxW Mail 6.0 now supports comments that contain parentheses in
the "From" header. (7001134)

* Improved filtering capabilities by integrating Anyware 2.2
filters. (7002910)

* Improved User Interface by updating icons on the main menu and
application express lines. (7002918) (7003277) (7002919)

* Upgraded to new Macrovision Libraries. (7003273)

* Changed default gridline to solid in Spreadsheets. (7003302)

* Fixed problem with opening file containing small numbers.

* The setting of *sslFactory.InsertServices is no longer required
in the sfcapi.conf in order to Publish data using the RMDS SSL

* SS_SAVE_AS@ is now saving with proper permissioning for
non-native file types. (7003419)

* Fixed licensing problem when starting up multiple realtime
engines in a rapid manor. (7003420)

* CTRL selection now working for Table widget in Builder
application. (7003478, 7003563)

Philip Wittamore